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Intimacy for Stage and Screen 8.-9.1.2020

ke-to 8.-9.1.2020 klo 13-17, Helsinki

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Osallistumismaksu: 60 €

An actor’s approach to Intimacy for Stage and Screen

In this workshop, you’ll learn specific techniques for accessing your vulnerability in a dramatic context, resulting in powerful chemistry between characters without compromising personal boundaries. It’s an exploration of intimacy within a dramatic context for the purpose of telling the story of the scene. This is not just kissing or sex scenes. The principles can include the intimacy between parents and children, between dear friends, and can also apply to scenes of sexual violence.

Headshot by Dahlia Katz Photography

You’ll explore specific acting techniques, and practices subtle and specific details in choreography keep you connected to your scene partners, both emotionally and physically. We’ll also touch on suggestions for Best Practices, addressing permission vs. consent, psychological safety, minimum working conditions. Exercises include “instant chemistry and comfort” and “asking for consent”. You’ll also be introduced in detail to The Pillars, Intimacy Director’s International’s approach to choreographing these moments and scene. We’ll close the day with some basic scenework, exploring emotional intimacy within a simple piece of text.

Touching (handshakes, handholding, hugging) through guided contact improv is part of the course. Kissing is not required.

While the goal is to explore emotional and physical intimacy, the core concept of this work is Safety, for the facilitation of safe exploration. All touching is consensual, and participants are always invited to sit out and watch, should they feel uncomfortable or triggered.

demo reel
Intimacy Director - Fight Director

Rehearsal still from Serenity Wild at Summerworks Performance Festival, August 2017. Intimacy Director Siobhan Richardson, Dainty Smith and Julia Matias, co-produced by Tender Container and the frank theatre company. Photo by Blaize Thomas.


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